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Visaginas Scouts‘ Organization

How to become scout?
Answer is simple: if you want to be scout, be him.

   The Visaginas Scouts’ Organization began to act since July 11, 1992.

   The Visaginas Scouts’ Organization - is the organization, which unites people of different nationality and religion. The city is such - multinational (about 40 nationalities).

   We position ourselves as Russian scouts in Lithuania. But for the foreign scouts, we - Lithuanian scouts. :) That to do, we present Lithuania.
So we are the members of the national scouts’ organization Lithuanian Scouting, which is official member WOSM and the West European division of Organization of Russian Young Pathfinders.

   Yearly we participate in all possible camps, we carry out our, we love, when they somewhere invite us, yes even guests not to also away accept and to show not only the beauties of Lithuania but also itself. :) Indeed Visaginas city is, in the first place, valuable by people, in it living.

   What is scout?
   Scout, this of men of word, debt and honor. Yes, yes, and in our time there are such concepts and for someone they become the basis of life because of scouting. The scout, this is the thoroughly developing young person, whom with the aid of the scout procedures grow prettier company it understands the basics of life. It is together merrier. And most important, scouting, this is not entertainment, these are initiative and enterprise. Be prepared! Always ready!

   P.S. How they do become scouts? Principle of the simple: you want to become scout - you be him, or more precisely, be connected with the leaders of the Visaginas Scouts’ Organization or find scouts (they that accurately know that also where it passes) and through them you will leave to the leaders all of the same Visaginas Scouts’ Organization. :)

   And most important! If you adult (in the sense, more than 18 years) and you want to work with the children, to learn growing up generation to something, to transmit to them your life experience, then you are necessary to us! But as to work with the children, we will learn. :) Main desire! But it is more precise, more rapidly be connected with the leaders of the Visaginas Scouts’ Organization organization.

   Contacts: - inst. Ludmila Voyevodin “Sea buckthorn”, the leader of the Visaginas Scouts’ Organization (also leader of Visaginas local group / troop). - inst. Larissa Chrechkova “Seagull”. - rover Pavel Mikriukov “Amber Sable”.

   Overcoming difficulties together with the comrades, aid and mutual assistance they learn children to value friendship, and scouts’ brotherhood remains with them for life. So it is counted, and we will hope for this together with them, indeed not without purpose in one of the dear scouts’ songs there are these words:
	In this peace, where so there are many problems,
	I one only advise to all:
	In order to go on the life not at random,
	Friend and brother next must be always.
	Only so to us it will be more easily in the way,
	Only so we will be able to find happiness.
	I to help you in this sincerely rad,
	If scout - means friend, brother means.

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